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Crackstuffers Depth Trainer 70cm x 4 cm


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  • Product Code: 000350

With our Anal Depth Trainer you can penetrate an arse so deep it´s like you are discovering a new cave system. Lots of plugs and dildos stretch you, but this fantastic product trains you to get so deep you´ll wonder if people will think you got a new Adam´s apple poking out. It´s the deepest depth… EXTREME.

A proper MUST-HAVE for your anal toy collection. The depth trainer sits comfortably in the hand (as well as elsewhere) and the smooth, sleek material aids for easy penetration. He/she can decide themselves how deep they want the trainer and what depths they wish to plumb.

Can be used with water and silicone based lubes. Even fatty ”grease” like lard products are suitable for these unique anal toys.

In order to be able to stretch deep safely, it is necessary that the material of the toy is soft and flexible, but still very strong and durable so your toy does not break.  Crackstuffers blue vinyl is exactly that.

When you are interested in going DEEEEEEEEP and are not very experienced, we recommend doing it very slooooooowwwwly. Use plenty of lubricant, let the toy adjust itself to the warmth and your colon to the toy, take plenty of time and listen to your body. Don't expect to reach the end goal on the first try, or the second for that matter. Stretching can take time, even months, its important to be in tune with your body and stretch a little at a time. Start with a thin one and when that works out fine: you can go to the next size up.

DT40 Dimensions: Length - 70cm (27.5") Diameter - 4cm (1.6")

Crackstuffers toys are made in a new improved Phthalate free vinyl. They are softer and stronger than before and smell good too! Always use plenty of lube, and they are safe to use with water-based lubes, silicone and oil based lubes such as Crisco.

Of course: in order for this to work you seriously need to clean yourself up deep down inside there.

Length 70 cm;
Diameter 4 cm;
Color Blue;
Material Vinyl:
Manufacturer Crackstuffers
Weight 0.94 kg

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