Rose butt, rosebutt, rosebud, anal prolapse, rectal prolapse Lately I get many questions about rosebuds. So it’s time to dedicate a page to the beauty of the destroyed ass.

The words rosebud, rose butt and rosebutt sound the same and in the context of (gay) anal sex and fisting they have exactly the same meaning.

What is a rosebud / rose butt / rosebutt?

According to

Rosebutt refers to extreme anal gape in which a person’s anus is literally turned inside out. Usually from extreme anal sex or fisting.

Rosebud is the appearance of one’s rectum after fisting. The internal tissue pulls out beyond the sphincter muscle. The bright red to pinkish tissue looks like a rosebud.

What is anal prolapse or rectal prolapse?

Much more extreme than a rosebud / rose butt / rosebutt is the anal prolapse or rectal prolapse. The inside of the rectum pops out.

photo source: Twitter @DJayDeVill1

And check this video of Pup Davey: Twitter @PuppyDavey

How do I get rosebud / rose butt / rosebutt?

Intense fisting and playing with large toys will do the job. It will take a few years. Or more… And not everybody will develop a large rosebutt.

And keep in mind to always use plenty of lube.

How long does a rosebutt stay visible?

This is different from person to person. Your ass can stay open just a short while and sometimes more than an hour. But it will always close.

Do all fistees develop a rosebutt?

Certainly not. Only if you play a lot with your ass and do it intensively you might develop a rosebutt. Your anus is a very flexible muscle. And if you don’t use it for a longer time, it will shrink slowly to a bit more virgin look.

Will I have problems holding my shit when I get older?

No. Only if you really destroy your ass to an anal prolapse you might get such a problem. But if you only have a rosebutt, your ass will close a certain time after playing. And the ass play is a very good exercise for the anus. It makes the muscle stronger so it will even be easier to hold your shit!

One of the visitors of my website, Sydfist, wrote this helpful advise:

I have been fisting for 40 years or so (started in my 20s now in 60s). All muscles lose strength with age, and fisting certainly makes the arse muscles more elastic. Every male should be doing kegel exercises – keeping the muscles of the pelvic floor in trim. Fisting does cause them to have a much greater range of movement than non fisting. Some will get a bit of leakage, others won’t. But – whether you fist or not – if you don’t want to be piddling your pants in your 70s, get those kegels in trim.

How do I get an anal prolapse?

A rosebutt can develop into an anal prolapse. But it does not happen very often. Most guys who want to get a rectal prolapse use a vacuum pump. You will find pleny of videos on porn sites. Just search “prolapse”.

anal pump acjas xhamster

Is a rectal prolapse dangerous?

I have seen various videos of men who control the prolapse really well and that certainly looks hot. But it can become a medical problem. So please be careful and if you want to develop an anal prolapse, do it step by step.

Medical questions?

If your ass hurts for a long time after playing, see a doctor. Don’t be ashamed. Medics are used to people who put all kinds of objects in their body.

Once I used a lubricant that caused internal blood loss. It was much more than the tiny blood you sometimes see when you start a fisting session. My doctor explained that it might be a (allergic) reaction to one of the ingredients in the lubricant. As soon as I switched to an other lube, the problem stopped.


If you have any additional information or a different view on what I write, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

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