“What has grown significantly is our straight market.”

The journey is the reward for British brand Crackstuffers. When Darren Knights started his company, he did so because he was frustrated with the lack of training options that were available on the market at the time. As a result of these experiences, the distinctive blue anal dildos of Crackstuffers come in various sizes so each user can train their way up to their personal maximum size. In our interview, Darren tells us about the latest developments at Crackstuffers and in the anal scene, and we talk about new audiences discovering the pleasures of extreme anal play.

Crackstuffers has been manufacturing dildos and butt plugs for well over a decade. Could you give us a short introduction to your company for those of our readers who don’t know you yet?

Darren Knights: I started Crackstuffers as I’m a player myself, and I found it frustrating with the small range of toys available at the time. For those wanting to stretch and go bigger, there was either a small dildo, then a huge jump in size to some other dildo. So the idea came to me to design toys to slowly stretch at your own pace, without the challenge or discomfort. I also wanted toys that did certain things, so some would be for stretching; others would be for working on depth.

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