Shooters, shakers, sprays

Excellent for lube application. The rubber bulb is attached to a 60ml syringe, thus, 60ml capacity.S..


The FIST LUBE SHAKER is the perfect container to mix up your powder lube. With the lid on, you can s..


FIST relax is an anal conditioning spray that relaxes rather than desensitizes the anal area. Made f..


Love your bum with the new all natural RelaxXXX Anal Spray. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, R..


Pull back the plunger and the syringe will fill with liquid, then insert and deliver.  The 100c..


Lube Shooter / Lube-Applicator

Lube Shooter / Lube-Applicator : Load it up and shoot it out!Designed for quick and easy use, the Lu..



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Shooters, shakers, sprays